Rose vom Wörthersee 2016

Der Oktober zieht ins Land und damit ein Highlight der Rudersaison:

Die Rose vom Wörthersee 

Mit 10 Booten am Hänger sind wir nach Velden aufgebrochen.

Katharina in der Damenwertung, Franz, Christian und Helge in der E Klasse, Eric in MMD und Hannes, Pete und ich in MMC … und Michi und Rainer von Seewalchen waren auch wieder fix dabei beim RCMO

Eric war (trotz seiner Erkältung) unser Held am Morgen und hat noch rechtzeitig die Startnummern organisiert.



Bilder sind am Ende vom Artikel!

Heute bei der Heimfahrt im „Partycar“ hat unser fahrender Reporter Pete schon seinen persönlichen Erfahrungsbericht zusammengefasst, Regatten mit internationaler Beteiligung werden natürlich beim RCMO englisch verfasst:


So here we are, driving back to Mondsee along the Tauern Autobahn after just leaving Velden services, just passing Christian who is pulling the boats slowly back home. At the wheel, the famous Martin Wandl and in the back the club Doctor Erika  and club mascot Vincenz, no hold on, that role goes to Bono these days.

The race as you all know, is just under 16km from Velden to RV Albatros and this year the conditions were not so bad, a slight headwind but nothing as bad as the last 2 years.

The Mondsee Crew on tour this time was Erik, Franz F, Christian, Katharina, Helge, Hannes, Martin and myself. We were backed up by Erika, Vincenz, Ela, Edith and Patricia, Ann-Astrid and the little Maxi. Fina and Bono kept them in order.

Most of us drove down on the Friday afternoon to get a good night sleep and eat good food. Helge had recommended a nice little alm style restaurant at 1000m above Ossiachersee. It was great and we ate a lot of Knödeln and some ate a lot of cake…mentioning no names.

The hotel was booked by Ela, clean and functional and close to the start.

We all gathered for breakfast on Saturday morning and we got a message fromHannes to say he was 30 minutes away. All we had to do was race.


I can only really report on my race and as usual it was a very competitive Masters C class. At the start we all lined up. To my left was a very fit a strong looking Alex Farkas ( a Rose Legend). Hannes has strict instructions to give him a run for his money but also to beat Michel Carcano, a very quick long distance sculler from Italy.

Attention GO! We were off at a fast pace, leading boats rating over 30spm and trying to find an efficient  tempo into the light wind and at the same time not burn out in 2k…it’s a fine line to get this right.

For me I set off for the 1st 5k a little too cautious but Martin and Hannes bravely went off really fast. I carried on at the same pace through the whole race and Hannes battled hard to catch Alex. Martin pulled a big gap away from me but I closed it to 40 seconds by the end. We were both totally finished. Hannes was catching Alex quick at the end and came in second which to be honest was the best performance our club has ever seen. As an individual performance Hannes is probably one of the fastest MMC rowers in the world so we should all be very proud of his achievement this year.

Franz, Helge and Christian battled it out in MME to record very respectable times and in MMD Erik took the renovated wooden Erika over the line in 1 hour 21 mins…not bad!!!

Katherina was in MWD and recorded 1 hour 25 mins to come 5th in her class which was really good.

So now we are going past Flachau and will be back in Mondsee soon to unload the boats and send Michaela and Rainer back to Seewalchen with their boats….

You have to love the Rose for the way it makes you feel afterwards. A feeling of accomplishment and the close of the racing season for most of us.

Now the training starts for next year and BLED!!!!! World Masters.


…results are below.



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…so stolz gegen lauter 2 Meter Weltklasseruderer zu Fahren ;o)

Bis bald Martin