Euro Masters Regatta – München 29.-31. Juli 2016

Ein wunderbares und erfolgreiches Wochenende liegt hinter uns und der RCMO ist international bekannt

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Nachdem Bilder mehr sprechen als Worte gibt es zu jedem Rennen vom RCMO ein Video auf YouTube

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Alle Ergebnisse Euro Masters Regatta 2016

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2016 saw the return of the Euro Masters Regatta in Munich. It is the perfect place to compete against other boats from the rest of Europe. The course is fair for all 6 lanes and there is really accurate electronic timing so we can see our times compared to other boats in other races.

1st race was on the Friday morning. Martin and Helmut in MMB 2x. The conditions were perfect and they got off to a good start but by the end of the race they had to settle for a very respectable third place. Follow the link to the race video.  Rennen von Martin u Helmut
Next race on Friday was Erika in an international composite 4x in the MWB 4x group. This is a highly competitive class and I think Erika was a little apprehensive before teaming up with her crew members who she had never met before. With no training they took to the water in their neon yellow tops and you could see as we filled them up the course that they were getting used to the speedy pace of the Italian stroke girl. Erika sat in the 2 seat and they started to look comfortable  after 1000m of warming up. A few practice starts before the race and they were looking really competitive. Erika was in for one hell of a ride!!!!  The race can be followed on the link, Erika in seat 2 with the neon shirts……  Interview vor dem Start und hier das Rennen Erika im neongelben Boot im Hintergrund
…. ein Rennen war noch dazwischen, Hannes kämpft sich mit einer sensationellen Leistung ins Ziel, see more here:  Hannes im 1er Teil 1 und das geniale Finale – Teil 2
Next up, Hannes and myself in the MMC 2x. Due to certain commitments (holidays and work) we had not actually sat in the 2x since April 20k on Mondsee. We had no idea how this would turnout.
The start was OK and we settled into a steady pace that we felt we could keep all the way. A few boats pulled ahead by a long way in the 1st 500m. You can watch the video to see what you think of our 2nd 500…’s was awesome!!! Europameister Hannes und Pete
Last race for Mondsee of the day was Erika and Katerina in the MWC 2x. Conditions had stayed the same throughout the day, the following wind was still helping push all the boats along and so it was for our 2 brave rowers. The competition was hot but they wanted to record the best time possible and so they set off and pushed as much as possible all the way. They finished in 5th place in a very good time. Follow the link to the race. 2er von Erika und Katharina
Saturday saw sunny weather and again a pleasant light following wind. Holga and our Franz Fritch were competing in the MME 2x. The. Last time Holga had taken a competitive stroke in Munich was in 1981 but that did not stop them giving it their best shot. The video tells all…… Holger und Franz auf dem 1000er
Next up was the MMC 4x. We knew we were quick but not this quick. Fastest time of the Group and true Euro Champs. A little more work on our technique and we can go faster still…..mentally and physically 100% perfect. See the race here  … The Untouchables
Last race of Saturday was MME 4x and we were joined by Hans, Alexandra, Helge and Patricia. The boys joined Christian and Franz in the 4x and we all have as much support as possible to this familiar boat. They got off to a good start and all the way through the race Christian kept the boys going at a great rate. Again 100% is all you can ask and they showed their best by pushing all the at to the finish.  unsere E Klasse
Sunday was mixed boat day and we saw the return of the rain. The following wind stayed during the morning and in the MMW4x Katerina, Erika, Myself and Martin set out to win or die trying…the instructions were simple, a good start followed by a rating of 34 and letting the boat run, then at 250m we were to empty the tank!!!! So that is what we did, however a few boats are quicker than us but none of them are made up of just one club, they pick and choose for a faster boat. This is fine but we love to race this combination and managed a really good time as the fastest pure club boat. Der Mix 4er von Mondsee
Once we were off the water, Martin and Erika set off in Ingrid to do the MMWC 2x. With no rest between races they obviously had tired legs but watching the race you would not know. The rain stopped and they put in a great performance and a great time, coming in 4th by 1 meter. See the race here. 1000 m Mix in 3:42
A big thanks to everyone who helped out over the weekend and a huge thank you to all the great messages on the whatsapp group.
Row, Eat, Sleep, Repeat as it says on Franz’s shirt.